Watching movies is one of the most common past time of people. After all, it is one of the most accessible forms of entertainment of today. One of the most watched genres of movies is horror. People loved the intense feeling they get whenever they watch one. If you are a fan of such films, then you should continue reading through this article. For, here we have a list on the best horror films you can watch.

  • Saw

Have you watched a single movie of Saw? A series of sequel has been made for this movie, because of the high-praises it received. It’s not a ghost scary type of horror, but it will surely make you scream with all the different kinds of torture they’ll do. This movie shows a game, where different kinds of people brought together, to play a little game of survival, watch who will survive in the game.

  • Insidious

This movie will give you chills. Watch one of the scariest movies there is. This is a story about a family who thinks their house is haunted, but what they didn’t know is that it’s their son. How will they able to survive? Watch how this family got rid of all the demons living in their child’s mind. Were they successful?

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