A master key, also known as a skeleton key, is a key that has the ability to unlock any lock. Master keys only existed a few hundred years ago when lock variations were not available as much as it is today. Before this, people would often only use one type of lock known as warded locks which use a similarly shaped key and therefore includes the creation of the skeleton key which is commonly owned by locksmiths back in the day.

Skeleton keys existed when the Ancient Romans innovated metal keys and locks. These metal devices derived from the Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians on the wooden use of keys and larger and heavier wooden locks which were not fitting for security as they can be easily destroyed with brute force. Skeleton keys have been filed and shaped in a way that can unlock many types of warded locks that has its own configuration sets. This is often done by removing a majority of the key’s center which gives it the ability to pass through the wards without disturbance.

Locksmiths have already counteracted these old versions of skeleton keys by not only removing the center portion of the key but on the outer parts as well, making it quite complex for thieves to duplicate a skeleton key. The purpose of a skeleton key is often been related to the idea of having the skill to unlock all locks for unlawful purposes which causes people to file their own standard type of key in order to create a universal one. Real master keys have been used in many modern purposes especially when it comes to unlocking locks for people who have forgotten their key.

So if you’re wondering how to get keys made near me or how to find duplicates of your own key, no one is better to ask than your local locksmith.

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