The most significant thing that we must understand about it is that Dupe ruins marketplace, ruin everything with a fight for. The game is definitely going crap and I expect it won’t occur again… but let us start from the beginning.

On Global mu online servers, we had some large and little dupe times. I will attempt to spell out both the biggest. First is called:

Mu Online Dupe Era and it occurred to us in the earlies of the 2004 year. As far as recall it began in May 2004. Currently, I did not actually know what’s going on since I’m about 20-30 levels. I realized what was some weeks afterward. So… Multisensor ( community of global mu online ) discovered that there’s a way to replicate things. People copied everything in the stones into the high-end things like exc brass maximum. A type of these things continues to be in the game after nearly 4 decades. Obviously, it destroyed the mu online industry. Virtually everybody was duping… if someone claims he did not that usually means that he had been a fool or he did not understand how to do so.

Zen Bug.

Zen bug was a sort of humorous time in the background of Mu Online. One of these was a Zen Bug. So what we can do together with this? We can buy everywhere and everything:-RRB- When you’d complete stock of lens you can purchase everything along with your lens did not disappear. It occurred in the midst of the 2006 year.

We had some amusing times after… For instance when K2 ( or even webzine ) created the shape on the page. Obviously, Multisensor made robots that were filling this kind automacly.

For dumb goofs in the game, we could call “hearts occasion” drops. After a noob on par 15 could fall a hub ( which fell from yet) and receive the 2nd BK wings value 70 stones of blessing.

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