Though understandable, mass printing is when you printout hard copies so you will have stocks ready the moment demand will come. While print-on-demand is when you only print out hard copies when the orders are already there. Which do you think is better?

Pros and cons of mass printing:

This is just good and beneficial if you are running a large printing company and has a lot of regular customers already. This way, you won’t have to let your customers wait when they cast their orders. Some if the advantages you get with this system is the cost-effective pricing, fast turnaround, and the ease of application of the different ways of printing such as in the use of inkjet or laser printing.

There are also drawbacks though like when it comes to the quality, the aesthetic of the materials, and so on. The main reason for this is because of the equipment usually used in mass printing is not that capable of offering services that can correct the problems mentioned above.

Benefits of print–on-demand system:

This is great for small businesses and those independent authors as they usually just need small amount of printouts. Most of the time as well, clients of companies like these only require small amount of orders thus owners can benefit more with this system.

Another benefit in this kind of system is the business owners don’t have to rent a big warehouse for storage which can be costly.

Of course there are also disadvantages especially if the authors are not familiar with the system. That said, you should benefit in checking out the Print Profits Review. Here you will learn that there is a course provided to give more knowledge about the print-on-demand system. This is really worth checking.

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