Flapper this might require reshaping the entire body with undergarments that could flatten and smooth the undesirable feminine curves which were the style pinnacle of the moms.

Short of abandoning corsets entirely, the trendy young girls of the 1920’s embraced best waist trimmer belt which were supple, soft, and fashionable length. These altered corsets were essential to smooth out lumps and present a sleek, slim frame. Not having lacing in the waist ensured the female’s proportions could conform to the desired androgynous standard.

To assist in this effort, flapper girls would also use a specially made bra which was developed to pull straight back and flatten the breasts. 1 popular figure shaping bra offered in this era was called the Symington side lacer. In the lack of a flattening bra, a few girls might just bind their breasts.

Today’s modern girl may mimic the flapper style of apparel, even though she is not inherently thin and flat-chest though not the market which smooth and elongate the entire body. As an example, a mix of a high-waist-girdle (without pins or boning) along with also a breast binder or breast ring would make an authentic appearance.

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